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Open-ECOCLIMAP is available since the 30 June The ECOCLIMAP programme is a dual database at 1 km resolution that includes an ecosystem. Ecoclimap, a new complete surface parameter global dataset at a 1-km resolution, is presented. It is intended to be used to initialize the. 1 Dec ECOCLIMAP-II is an updated version of the database of land surface parameters ECOCLIMAP on Europe. ECOCLIMAP is used to initialize the.

30 Apr Abstract. The overall objective of the present study is to introduce the new ECOCLIMAP-II database for Europe, which is an upgrade for this. This paper gives an overview of the ECOCLIMAP-II database, which is a new surface parameters global dataset at a 1 km resolution. The aim of this database. Abstract. After a short presentation of ECOCLIMAP 1, the objective of this paper is to describe the methods used to derive surface parameters at 1km resolution.

The ECOCLIMAP database is available online to the research community (http:// ). 30 Nov Resource Basic Information. Resource Id: urn:geoss:csr:resource:urn:uuid: 1c7ddf1b-aaa0e-8defded. Name: ECOCLIMAP. The importance of Land Surface Forcing in climate modeling: Incorporation of the land surface database Ecoclimap in the Rossby Centre regional Atmospheric. Comparison and relative quality assessment of the GLC, GLOBCOVER, MODIS and ECOCLIMAP land cover data sets at the African continental scale. 12 Apr The resolution of these new surface parameters is 1 km at the global scale. The ECOCLIMAP database is available online to the research.

28 Nov General comments. This paper consists in the overall description and basic evaluation of the new. ECOCLIMAP-II product for Europe at 1-km. 12 Jun For a standard use of Meso-NH, you need 4 files (GTOPO30, clay_fao, sand_fao and ECOCLIMAP), all of them with hdr and dir suffixes. 30 Apr In this analysis we found that CYCLOPES and MODIS depict realistic spatial variations at continental scale, while ECOCLIMAP poorly captures. ECOCLIMAP consists first of a global land cover map at 1-km resolution. Each ecosystem is defined as a partition of 4 surface types: sea, water, nature, town.


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